Hi, I’m Greg, a certified coach and leadership guru. Transformation. Authenticity. Vulnerability. Leadership. Impact. Vitality. While longing for and cultivating these for myself, I help people and teams discover, taste, and embody them in order to take the leap from surviving to thriving.

When I’m not co-creating this magic I’m doing other life-giving stuff, like being a weird and wild dad to Gabe and Ella and going for broke with the love of my life, Christine. I am a Texan, 10-year mug club member at Founders, and Seinfeld junkie that maintains a struggling mindfulness practice, officiates weddings, and is committed to the work of breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Through wisdom, vulnerability, humor, and a dash of irreverence I wake up each day to connect deeply with people and join them in their journey of aliveness.


We sleep and wake up and breathe and eat and play and go about our days and do it all over again. We are doing life. And yet, what is the state of our aliveness? Aliveness is related to our sense of meaning, purpose, connection, passion, and joy. Perhaps your aliveness is not all it could be and you are feeling stuck, trapped, confused, depleted, or like you are on auto-pilot. On the other hand, it could be that you are wanting deeper connection (to self, others, God), greater impact, a big move, or something else really juicy and delicious. Aliveness is present to us when we do these four things: wake up, connect, create, celebrate. As your coach I help you explore, discover and become clear on who you (really) are, what you (really) want, navigate the challenges that arise, and achieve the kind of aliveness you are meant for.


One on One Coaching

I work with people that want to wake up…and keep dreaming.  When we wake up and discover our own brilliance, purpose, and possibility we get to show up more authentically and with big impact.


Bringing inspiration, growth and change through transformative workshops, retreats, and group coaching experiences.


Re-Humanizing work by growing and developing leaders, teams, and cultures where people are no longer resources but engaged participants in a thriving organization.

Let’s connect. Over coffee, tea, or pints. Start here with an email.