In the midst of others we often find ourselves.

That’s why I love working with groups of all kinds. In this space we come to know more about ourselves…and others. We get to be part of someone else’s growth and transformation…and they get to be part of ours. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The “synergy of we” is mysterious, and it’s also full of magic.

I work with groups of all kinds. From group coaching experiences (like Daring Together) to custom-designed retreats to a variety of workshops, I lead (preferably co-lead) experiences with the intention of integration, wholeness, and transformation.

What about work groups like teams, departments, or boards? Yep, that too. Look here.


“I’ve known Greg Mutch for 10 years and have worked with him on multiple projects and in multiple contexts.  Most notably, he spoke at a weekend gathering of 150 adolescents and adults that I organized about finding belonging.  Greg was diligent in his preparation, and was thoughtful, compassionate, and encouraging through his lectures and interactions with our participants.”

–Matt Laidlaw, Mars Hill Bible Church
Abbey & Greg heard our hopes and concerns and crafted a perfect retreat to meet the needs of our community. From a dynamic ice breaker to get laughs flowing to a quieter reflective time to a more focused future-action plan – we are in a much happier, healthier and honest place with one another.   We have already begun to implement some of the things that came up and it is GOOD. There is a new spirit of optimism and openness among us.
I have heard nothing from positives from all the participants.  We will gladly invite them back for another retreat!!
–Amanda Vanderklok, Newberry Cohousing Community