Fresh Eyes

Every organization can benefit from someone to come alongside as a partner to help it to flourish and its people to thrive. Success, profit, and impact flow from engaged people and healthy teams. Coaching, leadership development, and culture work can have exponential impact on your people and your mission.

Tomorrow doesn’t have to be like yesterday

Gallup and Deloitte (and more) research is pointing at a workforce that is mostly on auto-pilot (at best) or bored, tired, and totally disengaged. Yet we are remarkably creative and purposeful people. We are designed to show up, be engaged, and contribute to amazing things.

Custom-designed opportunities, not off-the-shelf programs

Every organization and team is unique. What is its story? What trajectory is it on? What would be possible if there was more focus, strategy, productivity, wholeness, and purpose? I listen closely for these things and then customize engagements to move an organization forward into a bolder and more vibrant version of itself. And my preferred style is to collaborate with other brilliant experts to co-create the transformation in your people, teams, and organization.


“Greg co-led a trip into the meaning of building community for our communities team.  He really listened to what was going on in our organization and to our individual desires to develop a stronger team while defining what community meant for us.  We were all highly engaged and encouraged to speak up around our experience with big change while staying focused on our future goals.  Our team continues to thrive a year later.”

I would hire Greg again in a heartbeat.

Pamela Paspa, MA, CPCC
Stanford University

“Greg Mutch is a caring and powerful leader. He listens deeply, adds value with eloquence and heart… and has a propensity to sideline you with a one liner when you least expect it. His knowledge of the neuroscience of learning, experience of community building and his fine tuned emotional intelligence make for a strong mix. If growing deeply and rejigging your thinking in partnership with others is a goal…Greg’s your guy.”

Patti-Jo Wiese, Business Strategist

“Greg has a unique and gifted approach at directing others in their lives in a myriad of ways. He brings an insightful and direct approach in helping you see your strengths, blindspots and possibilities. We had Greg direct one of our leadership teams for half a day – he helped us look at team and personal dynamics which with each of us was helpful and brought insights we are still using as a team. Whether in a group or individual context, I would highly recommend him as an executive coach and teacher.”

–Dr. Kelly James Bonewell, Ada Bible Church

We had a few different staff transitions and I needed an off site to get our staff team all on the same page. I contacted Greg and asked him to do a day with us. Right from the start I was impressed by Greg – he customized a plan with me beforehand, making sure that I was getting the experience I wanted for my staff group. He was flexible during our day, keeping the group engaged as we moved between individual, small and large group work. I got great feedback from my staff after our off site. Greg is in his sweet spot facilitating a group of people while keeping it fun and engaging. I would highly recommend Greg for your next non profit or business team facilitation.

Matt DeHoog, LLPC
Young Life Assistant Regional Director